About Shurnette

Financial Coach & Consultant

Like the butterfly, I want to help my clients transform how they understand and work with their money so that they can really pursue their lives. I want their transformations to make them better, stronger and more able to enjoy the best that life has to offer. This is what I have a passion to help my clients do.

I started my career in finance taking orders on a trading desk, and the past 19 years in this industry helping individuals and companies of all sizes, have been an incredible experience. Now I'm enjoying the most fulfilling time of my career working with people who are transforming their lives and improving their relationship with their money through my one of a kind coaching program that shows people how to apply smart strategies that can last a lifetime.

I'm more than your everyday finance professional because I deeply believe that our relationship with our money is not only connected to our lifestyle and our experiences, but more importantly, to our core temperaments which guide our preferences, habits and tendencies.  These are the temperaments that influence the lifestyle we structure for ourselves; especially as it relates to our money.  

In other words, I believe that you cannot sustain the principles of financial management without understanding yourself.  Your habits, strengths and limitations are at the heart of what determines whether or not you'll be able to successfully apply those principles.

Finance is so important in our lives that there's really no room to develop a half hazard strategy that's vulnerable to failure.  This is not about becoming rich, it's about being smart and taking the right steps to create a foundation that will allow you to build your wealth, and love your life all at the same time!

Come and join me!

Shurnette Henry
Founder, Papillon Financial, LLC.