Financial wellness is a lifestyle choice.

choose wisely. 

Like the butterfly, we can endure tremendous transformation throughout our lives, and when it comes to our finances, we want these transformations to make us better, stronger and more able to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Our signature program PEAK is the vehicle to get you there. 

Discover the Power of PEAK

PEAK takes you through a transformational workshop that equips you with the tools and knowledge that will help you to take hold of your finances and empower you toward action.

When you apply the strategies of our program, you gain a greater understanding of yourself and how you're showing up in the world.

When you have a better understanding of your core temperament, values and preferences, you're more capable of positively influencing other parts of your life like family, career, leisure and of course, your money! 

Critical to our PEAK program, is that you learn how you show up in your relationship with your money. 

You can apply the fundamentals of financial management that you learn to all areas of your life in a more sustainable and practical way. Finance is a vehicle. Living a fulfilled life is your goal. We'll show you how to use key financial strategies and tools in the best way to meet your ultimate goal - your life.
Through PEAK, learn how to transform your wealth and love your life! 



It takes courage and determination to run your own business, and being an entrepreneur is not for the weak of heart. That's why it's important to equip yourself with all the right tools and knowledge that will help your business to thrive.  The more you learn how to implement the right strategies, the better your chances of building a successful business. Let PEAK help you:

1. Discover what kind of business owner your temperament says you are

2. Apply critical financial techniques to your business building strategies

3. Learn the top 3 things you should initiate with your finances the moment you decide to go into business for yourself

4. Create key ways to structure your money in order to create practical tax advantages for your business

5. Develop a financial plan that will set your business up for true profit potential

Girl and Piggybank


Kids deserve to be given their best chance at life, and teaching kids healthy money habits can reap lifelong benefits. Developing a healthy money mindset should begin at a very young age. 

Our PEAK kids program teaches kids the fundamentals of money and how to build a positive money mindset. What's even greater, is that through our fun and interactive workshop, kids learn critical life skills that can change their lives! Some workshop benefits include;

  1. Learning the basics of what money is and how it is used in the world.

  2. Building a positive understanding of money.

  3. Teach kids how to take on more responsibility with money in a positive way as they get older.

  4. Developing good decision making skills and how to take personal responsibility in life.


College bound? With everything else that you're preparing to learn, money management should be at the top of your study list. Youth are the anticipation of the future and deserve to have the best chance for creating a successful life.

Financial literacy is among the most important elements that creates a foundation and a chance for stability and strength in life. PEAK is the program that will guide those who are college bound on that path!

Some of the tools you’ll gain include:

  1. Critical life Skills to build a stronger financial strategy.

  2. Important understanding of the fundamentals of wealth building.

  3. Essential strategies that are critical to building your career, family and financial foundation.

family and money.jpg


Learning begins in the home!  We have designed a program to help educate parents about good money management, and empower them as the leaders of their households to raise a financially responsible family.  PEAK Family introduces finance to the family unit in a fun and interactive way which provides a platform for parents to build a smart, money conscious family!

Benefits of the PEAK Family workshop include:

  1. Learn positive ways to introduce money to your family.

  2. Discover your core temperament and how to use your strengths to create a financially conscious family unit.

  3. Develop a working budget as a family and learn how to make it stick.

  4. Learn how to invest, and what key strategies to implement in order to build a sound foundation for your family.

build your wealth. love your life!


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