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Do you want to find the way to become better, stronger and more able to enjoy the best that life has to offer? My signature program PEAK is just the vehicle to get you there.

Studies show that taking a behavioral approach to finance has resulted in long lasting and successful wealth building benefits. This is a great approach because you are doing more than learning about finance.  You’re learning about yourself, and designing financial habits that become the best mirror image of you, and who you are with your money.

PEAK is a financial coaching program

that combines temperament with sound

wealth management Principles in order to show people

how to master your finances, and live your best financial life! 

What will you learn when you take a PEAK workshop? You'll learn;

  1. Your money personality based on your unique temperament and characteristics, and how that impacts your wealth.

  2. Fundamental skills and techniques for money management and wealth building

  3. How to match your financial strategy with your actual life goals

  4. Your true net worth

  5. The most important principles to build your financial foundation for your business, family and self

  6. Proven strategies to start improving your finances within a week

  7. How to build a financially conscious family and talk with your children about money

  8. How the market works and your advantageous role in it

  9. How to build your financial "team"

Working on your financial life and money strategies in a thoughtful way will help you learn to build the financial lifestyle that truly serves your goals and deepest desires for your business, family and everything your life entails! 

Learn more about how our program works and add yourself to the PEAK PROGRAM registration list to get great money tips and be the first to register for the next workshop!

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